“A tasty straight forward guide to regional Indian cooking”

Padma Lakshmi
Writer, Actor, Model, Television Host

“I adore spices. Throughout my travel in Asia, I love visiting spice markets. It is no surprise then that I am a great fan of Indian cooking. Its intricate blending of so many spices is absolutely fascinating and delightful. Thanks to Chef Nayak, my understanding of Indian flavors and cooking techniques have broaden, and with that, my appreciation. Chef Nayak’s Indian Kitchen is now in my kitchen, as it should be in yours too.”

Martin Yan
TV Show Host and Cookbook Author
Yan Can Cook

“This book feels close to home and heart.   It oozes awesome flavors of India in real sense – true to its cuisine and honest in its approach.”

Atul Kochhar
First Ever Michelin Star Indian Chef, Author and TV presenter

My Indian Kitchen is the best way for an ambitious home cook to express his true love for Indian home cooking. This book is filled with dishes and delicacies that are a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Make room for My Indian Kitchen on your kitchen book shelf!

Sanjeev Kapoor
Chef, Author, TV Host and The most celebrated face of Indian cuisine

My Indian Kitchen is a tribute to Indian cuisine from a successful global chef Hari Nayak. From one passionate foodie to the other, I wish much success to My Indian Kitchen!

Akshay Kumar
Host,Master Chef India and Bollywood Super Star