About the Book

Step into the world of aromas and flavors of traditional Indian cooking, where every meal is a burst of flavor, a perfect balance of the sour bite of the tamarind, the burn of hot chili peppers and the sweetness of the palm sugar whether it is with fresh seafood, meat or vegetables served with fluffy plates of steamed rice and warm, hand formed griddled breads. Growing up in a small town in south west India, chef and author Hari Nayak was thoroughly steeped in this world – the allure of simmering dals with freshly roasted spices, fragrant curry leaves, creamy coconut and seasonal garden fresh vegetables.

In this book Hari shares for the first time the secrets of his family’s own style of Southern Indian cooking as well as his favorite dishes from other parts of the Indian sub-continent. This book is full of tips and techniques that he learnt from his mother, grandmother, aunts, neighbors and street vendors as well as from countless friends. Many time saving tips to accommodate our busy life style, the recipes in this book have been simplified without sacrificing the authenticity of the tradition. You will be soon creating delicious Indian meals to suite your personal taste and that of your family and friends.

Let My Indian Kitchen help you unlock the “hidden magic” of Indian cooking.