The Author

Hari Nayak is one of the most creative chefs of modern generation coming out of Asia. Having grown up among the aromas and flavors of roasted spices and simmering curries, from an early age, author Hari Nayak knew he would become a chef. Hari’s own inspiration derives from his traditional upbringing in a big family in Southern India.

Perhaps it was while Hari, as a young boy, watched his grand mom grind fresh spices in the traditional stone grinder, or when he heard the splutter of curry leaves being thrown in hot oil, he knew food and everything about it was what made him happy, and being around good food was what he always wanted to do.

Today, Hari Nayak is one of the most creative chefs of the modern generation. He is renowned for the simplistic approach, yet fitting in core Indian elements to the dishes he creates. His inspiration apart from his traditional upbringing lies in his ability to absorb myriad cultures and cuisines that he has gathered while trotting the globe. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Hari has spent over 15 years in the food industry, working with several New York restaurants and under renowned chefs. His First cookbook, Modern Indian Cooking was named best of the season for year 2007 by LA times.

Hari lives in New Jersey and appreciates all that cooking has brought to him. Visit his website at

My Indian Kitchen